Cisco Brand Book

Cisco has a big story to tell — they make amazing things happen by connecting the unconnected. I designed an interactive style guide to tell their brand narrative, introduce visual standards, and provide downloadable resources to bring their brand to life.

brandbook_0036_Layer Comp 25.jpg
brandbook_0037_Layer Comp 26.jpg
brandbook_0039_Layer Comp 28.jpg
brandbook_0040_Layer Comp 29.jpg
brandbook_0044_Layer Comp 51.jpg
brandbook_0047_Layer Comp 54.jpg
brandbook_0050_Layer Comp 57.jpg
brandbook_0052_Layer Comp 59.jpg
brandbook_0002_Layer Comp 32.jpg
brandbook_0003_Layer Comp 2.jpg
brandbook_0006_Layer Comp 5.jpg
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brandbook_0009_Layer Comp 8.jpg
brandbook_0010_Layer Comp 38.jpg
brandbook_0023_Layer Comp 17.jpg